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I do not bother others
by touching them.
Also, I have the right
to be left alone.

This is your body, you are the operator, and it is your job to take care of it and to make sure you are always comfortable.

If someone is touching you, and it is making you feel uncomfortable, you should remove yourself from the situation immediately, go find someone you can trust, and truthfully explain what happened.

If you know a particular person is going to make you feel uncomfortable, then be sure to keep your distance. It is better to prevent the discomfort than to take chances.

If someone is too close to you, it is okay to ask them to keep a "respectful space" between you and them.

It is also important to remember to speak up for others who may be unable to speak for themselves. If you know of someone touching or hurting another, it is your duty to say something. Again, go find someone you trust, and explain to them what happened.

"I care about my body and how it feels. I do not let other people make me feel uncomfortable. It is my duty to protect my body from harm. I will not be silent if others are being harmed. When I see something, I say something!"

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