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I always take responsibility
for myself,
and my actions.

It is not okay to make excuses, to wallow in guilt, complain or blame others for your problems. Instead, you should always take responsibility for yourself and your actions.

When you take responsibility for yourself, you give yourself the power to control your life, take action and mature into a better person.

Remember, sometimes we make mistakes, and sometimes we are just plain wrong. And both of these things are okay.

By taking responsibility for ourselves, and letting go of what has happened, we open space in our lives to act positively, to move forward and to be happy.

"I am a responsible person. I am aware of my actions and have the power to change for the better."
Sometimes, we feel embarassed for being successful. And in order not to take responsibility for the success we say things like "I got lucky" or "it just happened." While it is okay to be humble, you should feel proud of your successes, take responsibility for them, and enjoy the feeling.
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