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I don't talk over people.
I leave space for others to speak,
and I am a good listener.

A good listener is someone who leaves a lot of space for others to speak, and can summarize, paraphrase or repeat what they heard.

Good listeners never interrupt, talk over, or hold side-conversations.

Good listeners leave lots of space for the speaker to say all the things they wish to say.

Good listeners don't just wait their turn to speak, they actively hear and think about what is being said.

Good listeners gain more knowledge than those who overspeak. And knowledge is power.

Good listeners keep their eyes on the speaker, while maintaining an open body posture.

"I practice good being a good listener. Everyone should be good listeners."

Listening isn’t always about words. Watch and participate as jazz vocalist and music conductor Bobby McFerrin uses the audience as his instrument. This works because the audience is listening closely to his body's movements (with their eyes), and listening to each other to find the right notes/sounds (with their ears).

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