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I keep my body, hands,
face and teeth clean.
I cover my mouth
when I sneeze.

"I am a clean person. Each day I spend a little time practicing good hygiene."

Take care of your teeth. Brush them at least twice a day, especially after breakfast and before bed. Also, floss daily to keep the spaces inbetween your teeth clean.

The reason for daily brushing and flossing is to prevent gum disease (healthy gums keep your teeth strong), tooth decay (cavities), yellow teeth (plaque build-up) and stinky breath.

Make sure to replace your toothbrush every three months - or sooner if the bristles become bent, or right after a cold/flu. And, see a dentist regularly for teeth cleanings and check-ups.

This toothbrush needs to be replaced!

Dirty teeth = stinky breath! Remember, when you are talking with other people, if you have stinky breath or food stuck in your teeth, they will most likely be distracted by the smell or the sight, and not hear everything you have to say. So take care of your teeth and gums!

Gross! Time to brush and floss SpongeBob!

Wash your hands often, especially after going to the toilet.

During a normal day, germs may get onto your hands and under the nails. If the germs are not washed off before preparing food, eating, or touching your face, you increase your chances of getting sick. You can lower the amount of times you get sick by keeping your hands clean.

When you wash your hands, use soap, scrub vigourously so the soap lathers (bubbles), and do it for 15-20 seconds (sing/whistle/hum the happy birthday song).

This next image is of the bacteria found on the hand of an 8 year old boy after playing outdoors. The hand print was left on the petri dish, and in the labratory for several days. Look at the results, yes it is kind of gross looking, but also it kind of amazing.

Created by Tasha Sturm of Cabrillo College

Now take a look at a hand before and after the use of hand-sanitizer.

Curtis J. Donskey, M.D. and Brittany C. Eckstein, B.S.,
Cleveland Veterans Affairs Medical Center.

And since all of you will eventually have smart phones, remember if you hands pick up germs, then your cell phone will collect them as well (because obviously you use your hands operate your phone). Therefore it is good practice to wipe it clean with a proper disinfectant each day.
Cover your mouth when you sneeze or cough. And since you don't want to get snot/germs on your hand (and then spread them to the things you touch), sneeze or cough into a tissue (best option) or the inside of your elbow (second best option). This kind practice helps to ensure that droplets of liquid containing germs from your nose and mouth will not be spread in the air which others could breathe them in, and the droplets will not get onto food.

Also, when someone near you sneezes, it is good practice to turn away and cover youth nose and mouth with a tissue or the inside if your elbow.

Clean your ears. Ear wax, that yellowish waxy stuff, is secreted by your ears to protect them. Sometimes, this wax can build-up and appear gross looking, it's natural. You can clean the surface of your ears with a wash cloth when you are in the shower, or during the day with a tissue. Never stick anything into your ears, it can damage your hearing. If there is wax stuck in your ear, and it won't come out when you clean them as described above, go to a parent and ask them for help.

A few more things!

Clean out the crusties. You can clean eye boogers (aka crusties and sleepies) by gently dabbing at them with a soft tissue. This build-up in the corner of your eyes is your bodies natural way of defending the eye against irritants that may get into it. Also, never put your fingers or anything else in or around your eyes unless perscribed by a doctor.

Keep your face clean. When people speak with you, they will be looking closely at your face. Therefore, your face is your billboard to the world, so keep it clean. It is also good practice to clean and wipe up the snot from your nose.

Don't talk while you eat. Eat with your mouth closed.

Each day you should do your best to wear clean clothes. Dirty clothes should be washed with laundry soap before wearing them again.

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