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When I speak,
I am always honest
and truthful.

Being honest means telling the whole truth and everything that you know about the situation. Telling some of the truth, and holding some things back, is not honesty. To be truthful, is to make sure your words are "full" of the truth, not just some of the truth.

"I am an honest and truthful person, and people trust me."

Some truth versus truthful:
  • You: "Do you know how these goldfish got all over the floor?"
  • Me: "Well there were some kids eating goldfish in here, so that must be the reason."
  • Now let's assume I knew Kian made the mess. That would mean that while this statement has some truth (there where kids in here), it is not truthful. What I should have said was:
  • Me: "I saw Kian eating the goldfish, and some of them missed his mouth and ended up on the floor. Kian made the mess."

Do not try to cover-up mistakes with lies. Making mistakes is part of learning and growing up. And it's okay to be embarrased about a mistake you made, but it's not okay to lie or be dishonest about it. When you make a mistake, be honest with yourself and with others, fix the mistake, and most importantly, learn from the experience.

Being an honest person means being a person who doesn't tell lies. Telling lies increases your stress, telling lies increases your frustrations, and telling lies leads to failure.

Being truthful means to make the full truth known to others, not just parts of it.

If you fear that by telling the truth, will hurt yourself or another, go find someone you trust and ask them for their advice and help.

People who are always honest and truthful are couragous, are trustworthy, and have good reputations.
TBH ... When you say the phrase "to be honest" at the beginning of a sentence, it suggests that the other things you say without "to be honest" before them are lies. Saying "to be honest" is unnecessary, and it is better to avoid using it. Everything you say should always be honest and truthful, you do not need to say things like "to be honest".
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