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In every situation,
I ask myself,
do I know all of the
important information?
Did I ask the right questions?
Do I know who, what,
where, why and how?

Be curious, be inquisitive, be an investigator of life, and make sure to ask good questions.

Of course, there is no point in asking good questions if you aren't listening to the answers (remember the first V-Code - Listen). Good listeners never interrupt, talk over, or hold side-conversations. Good listeners leave lots of space for the speaker to say all the things they wish to say.

"I ask good questions, and it helps me obtain good answers, which gives me a greater knowledge and understanding of the world around me."

Now let's look at what a good question looks like. First, avoid asking weak questions that lead to "yes" or "no" answers.

  • Weak question: "Do you like the fruit?"
  • Instead ask questions that lead to more specific information and details.
  • Strong Question: "What kind of fruit do you like, and why?"
To avoid "yes" or "no" answers, do not start your questions with the words "would, should, do, is, and are." Good questions, usually start with "who, what, where, why, and how."
Often it is good to ask the "why" question many times, which helps you "unpack" a problem.

  • Why did you do that?"
    "Because I was angry."
  • Why where you angry?"
    "Because I am tired and not feeling good."
  • Why are you tired?"
    "Because I stayed up late last night."
  • Why did you stay up late last night?"
    "Because I got in a fight with my brother and he hurt my feelings."
  • By asking four "why" questions, we have unpacked this problem, leading us to a better understanding of what the problem, or root of the problem actually is.
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